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How to Remain Debt-Free After a Debt Settlement Program

When it comes to #financialmatters, Rod Mercado and his hard working team in #FinancialRescue always come to the rescue to help our fellow Filipino-Americans to stay out of debt. And again they’ve successfully helped another client eliminate his debt. But what’s concerning is how the same client can fall back into another unmanageable debt. That’s …

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What To Do When Deferment Ends

When administrative #forbearance​ ends, loans will soon be due. If you’re worried about life after #deferment​ and forbearance programs end, Rod Mercado gives us #SoRescued​ steps which you can take to regain your financial footing.

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Breaking money rules during the pandemic

As the pandemic has changed the world, there are some #financialrules​ that can be temporarily altered for us to make it through these trying times. From the amount of emergency funds we need to build, to relying on credit cards, #RodMercado​ of Financial Rescue prescribes some changes in money rules just until we are out of the woods.

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