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From Fearful to Hopeful

In today’s So Inspiring segment we are joined by Kristna White, a nurse case manager who is currently working in the frontlines of the pandemic. Her predominant job is to facilitate a safe discharge of patients from the hospital.

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Thriving during pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has dealt a lot of loss to people – loss of lives, jobs, businesses, income – there have also been gains and positive experiences yes during this time. In these segments, we highlight those stories – a #sanityproject that has turn into a business; and an #athleisure brand that gained a following during lockdown.

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Nurses react as Covid cases surge

In today’s segment of So Inspiring, we have Roland Santos of the #PhilippineNursesAssociation of Southern California to discuss the alarming rate of spikes of Covid-19 all over the States. He explains that the situation we are currently in is quite unfortunate as “we are back where we started” – referring to the situation just 3 months ago. It could even be worse right now as hospitals are seeing more and more patients. He thinks that the sudden spread of the virus can be attributed to people who have not been exercising safe precaution against social gathering and not wearing masks.

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Honoring global Filipino healthcare workers who have passed because of the pandemic

An estimated 4%, or about 150,000, of nurses in the U.S. are Filipino, but in some regions they account for a much larger share of caregivers. In California, for example, nearly 20% of registered nurses are Filipinos. One of every four Filipinos in the New York-New Jersey area is employed in the health care industry. And because of their Covid-19 exposure – – – the risk for #Filipinoheathcareworkers to contract the highly-contagious virus is elevated; and some have fallen to it.

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