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How the Untouchable Jessica Joan transcended traumas

“I am a survivor of sexual abuse, and I had always been on a healing journey. These things made me stronger. I was built to help innocent people, and fight against wrongdoings, especially when people are being abused. It’s one of my greatest passions,” says actor #JessicaJoan, who helped the FBI take down #NXIVM, a high-control manipulative group and personality cult that branded women as sex slaves for its founder, Keith Raniere.

The feisty Filipina shares her story with our host Jannelle So, in the hopes that others will learn how to protect themselves from predators like Raniere, and his head recruiter, former Smallville actor #AllisonMack. Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison, while Mack was sentenced to just 3 years, for cooperating with prosecutors.

Watch as Jessica Joan reveals how the NXIVM organization was able to lure high profile clients, how she was able to recognize red flags, and eventually escape its clutches.

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