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Eumir Marcial: A Boxing Champ in People’s Eyes

He may have missed his golden shot at the recently concluded #TokyoOlympics, but #EumirMarcial remains gracious after claiming a bronze medal for the Philippines. @Eumir Marcial TV , who is already back to training , shares with Jannelle So that he is inspired by Philippines’ first-ever Olympic Gold medalist, #HidilynDiaz. Such, he is focused to continue his bid for the Olympic gold in Paris 2024. Trusting that God has huge plans for him, he is motivated to train harder, improve his stamina and strength to finally be worthy of that gold medal.

Boxing is the life that Marcial chose that’s why he is embracing all the hardships of rigorous conditioning, training, and sacrificing being away from his family. And he advises those who aspire to put on those boxing gloves and fulfill their Olympic dreams to continue training hard, observe discipline and never forget to trust in God. These are the same factors that led him to where he is now in his boxing career. Indeed, he is a true champion in every Filipino eyes. Thank you Eumir and to the rest of the Philippine boxing team for giving your best. Count on us to support you all the way!🇵🇭

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