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Thomas Orlina and Mike Talplacido on Creating Opportunities

Memoir book author Mike Talplacido defines three kinds of people. One, is the person who makes things happen, the second is the one who waits for things to happen and the third is the one who has no idea what happened. So, what kind of person are you?

In this #SOBold segment, we introduce you two Filipino-Americans who did not wait to be presented with an opportunity to pursue their dreams rather they went out of their way, took bold actions and actively created opportunities for themselves. Mike, self-published his book “Kiss My Mike”, a book about navigating sexuality and racial identity, interwoven with the pursuit of the American dream amidst the pressures of a religious Catholic family and the quest for love and acceptance. While, Thomas Orlina , born and raised in Los Angeles, California and a LGBTQ advocate, self-produced his debut pop dance song and music video “Brush It Off”. Both works celebrate #FilAmPride, and touch on issues such as #Mentalhealthawareness and the inequalities that were exacerbated by the pandemic. And both are committed to their goals despite rejections and are now steps closer to achieving their dreams.

Be inspired by their stories, and like them let’s find courage within to create our own opportunities. We are capable of reaching for the stars, only if we grab them! ? Don’t you agree? Hit the like button and send your comments below ???

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