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Saving by Tweaking your Personal Finance Habits

Did you know that changing some of your #personalfinancehabits​ can give a boost to your savings? 🤔🤔🤔

Watch #SoEasy​ ways of saving some money by tweaking your personal finance habits!💸
💳Withdraw only through your bank’s ATM, save yourself from paying those nasty fees!
💳Switch to credit cards without annual fees or better yet ask your credit providers to waive those fees.
💳Consolidate your insurances to avail of discounted fees. No matter how much or little those may seem, when accumulated these #savings​ that can go a long way!

#SoEasy​ is a 60-second or so, fun insert segment, featuring hints and tips on anything quick and easy, from understanding the law, financial hacks to learning the Filipino language and cooking!

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