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Fix Your Credit Score Dinged due to the Pandemic

If your #CreditScore​ took a hit recently due to the pandemic, fret not as Rod Mercado of #FinancialRescue​ comes to our rescue with 9 helpful tips on how to repair your dinged credit score.

The hardworking men and women of Financial Rescue find ways to improve their financial services with these new programs to aid their clients especially during the pandemic:
? DEBT STIMULUS RELIEF PLAN entitles client to a $100 off for the first month and additional $50 for watch successful client referral.
? SPECIAL FRONTLINER DISCOUNT to honor our brave heroes and assist in their financial needs.
? OFFER TO NEW ENROLLEES new clients to defer 50% off their program payments for the first 3 months.

Check out https://financialrescuellc.com/​ to learn more of their services

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#SoRescued​ is a segment on So Jannelle in partnership with Financial Rescue providing financial tips and information to help you reduce your debt and achieve your financial goals.

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