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US-based Filipino Food Entrepreneur Jila Becker’s story of success

In this segment of So Bold, we are joined by US-based Filipino Food Entrepreneur Jila Becker who tell us her story of success.

Jila shares with us that the success of her business is due to her hard work and passion in cooking. Jila’s specialties are Filipino delicacies such as Binagol, Chocolate Moron, Ube Moron, Suman latik, Balbacua, and more. She wanted to bring Filipino comfort food to the Filipinos living in the US as they are available for shipping US-wide.

Jila also recalls how hard her life in Tacloban was before coming to the US, and how those hardships made her a better person. She also shares her advice to people who wanted to start anew, and those who are starting a business amidst the pandemic.

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