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Nurses react as Covid cases surge

In today’s segment of So Inspiring, we have Roland Santos of the #PhilippineNursesAssociation of Southern California to discuss the alarming rate of spikes of Covid-19 all over the States. He explains that the situation we are currently in is quite unfortunate as “we are back where we started” – referring to the situation just 3 months ago. It could even be worse right now as hospitals are seeing more and more patients. He thinks that the sudden spread of the virus can be attributed to people who have not been exercising safe precaution against social gathering and not wearing masks.

When asked whether or not there is a lack of protective gear for front liners, Roland said that there were PPE shortages in the beginning but hospitals have now stepped up their game. There is now a surge plan where they do everything possible to get equipment such as n95 masks, face shields, gloves etc. He believes that there are a lot of organizations that have been donating face masks which have been very helpful for all the hospitals in the LA county.

Roland wants everyone to know that the public can help frontliners by giving them the appropriate recognition and appreciation that they deserve. PNAA started a move called Heal Our Nurses where they were able to raise over $20,000 within an hour. These funds which will be used to acquire protective gear for all their #frontliners. The movement also showcases nurses and are provided with recognition and support. PNAA would like to be able to provide financial assistance to their members during this period until at least a vaccine is available.

His message for everyone is to try and be safe, practice safety measures so as to not contract the virus and take social distancing seriously. “Washing your hands goes a long way.”

“Really take it seriously!” he exclaims with a smile. He remains hopeful that things will improve in the future.

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