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Self-care bootcamp in the time of Covid

#julesaurora is a model/actress/singer/performer who was looking forward to the 2020 Pilot Season. She had also booked live events and concerts for Spring-Summer. But all those got canceled when the global pandemic hit and the shelter-in-place restrictions were orders in mid-March. Suddenly, the sociable stunner found herself alone, in quarantine, without any projects, away from family and friends.

In this segment, the independent artist known for her #youtubevideos that went viral; her appearance as “Indio” on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless”; Top 50 finalist on the “X Factor USA” and Hollywood week finalist on “American Idol” talks about adjusting from performing for others to looking inward and taking care of herself. She discusses how she struggles with living alone because she loves to meet up and hang out with friends. According to her, the dark, sad news also get her down.

But she also shares the coping skills she’s developing during this time – journaling every morning; exercising and going out for runs; and even cooking for herself, even if she says she’s not a good cook.

She also says she considers this time alone as self-care “bootcamp” when she can relax, refresh, develop herself so she can be prepared when the country and the told opens finally opens up.

She ends the interview with a grateful message to her fans, thanking them for being there for her through social media; and with a positive message for everyone that “We are all int his together” and together, we can conquer.

In an extended version of interview for Netflix, , she shares her Top 3s

  • Top 3 Favorite Things to Watch on Netflix – Ozark, So Hollywood, any chick flick
  • Top 3 Favorite Things to Cook – pancakes, pizza, cauliflower rice
  • Top 3 People she will hug after Covid – Mom, Dad, sister
  • First 3 things she will do after Covid – Hug people, Travel, Collaborating with other artists
  • Top 3 things she does when she wakes up – journaling, listening to music, dancing
  • Top 3 songs she listens to – Soulmate by Lizzo, Stuck with You by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, Classic Whitney Houston songs
  • Top 3 night rituals – Writing, Watching a good movie
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