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Empowered and Engaged through NaFFAA

He was raised in #LasVegas but Banker Brendan Flores left town, in order to take a gamble on his own life! While most of his family members (parents an siblings) work in casinos on the Vegas strip – he left in order to pursue a career in banking at the young age of 17!

This #Filipinopride now holds a position as SVP and Consumer Banking Performance Manager at Bank of America; and is currently the first millennial and youngest-ever President and National Chairman of The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA).

In this Part 2 of his So Inspiring segment, Brendan continues his story from a small town in Las Vegas, to leading the largest national affiliation of Filipino-American institutions, umbrella organizations and individuals.

So Inspiring segments feature Filipinos who represent the community in American landscape, their stories of struggles to triumph over adversity and fight for inclusion — foreign-born and/or raised Filipinos doing amazing things!

We bring you stories that matter.

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